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Let the Blogging Begin!

Hi everyone! 

The "What do I write about?" Gremlin has been whispering in my ear for the past two weeks. However, today is the day that I put the gremlin aside and get on with the business of blogging! I've had blogs in the past. Brief attempts, mind you. I always get frustrated, ultimately, with my voice on "blog paper", and then stop.

So, I've decided that for now, I'm not going to worry about my grammar, punctuation or tone.

Instead, I'm going to trust that whoever is meant to read this, will.
If that happens to be you... well, THANK YOU!!
So glad you're here and I hope you enjoy.

When thinking of how to start.... THE FIRST BLOG POST (think that DUN DUN DUHHHHNNN music in the background because that is what I hear in my head - insert laughing emoji), I get lost down a rabbit hole... should I write about positivity? humour? empowerment? soap how to's? art? my kids? arghhhh!

This morning, I finally decided. I'm going to write weekly about my business journey for now. I'm going to include the ups and downs and sideways. I'll also include how this new business interacts and behaves with my family. 

I hope it appeals.
It should at least be a bit funny
( because most happenings in my life are or eventually are ;)  ) 
And funny is always good. Don't you think?

Thank you for your support

x quigley @littlelovingthings